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    General Information about Quartz Countertops:

    Quartz surfaces are a cutting edge product that combines the best qualities of laminate and nature stone. It is a new product to be introduced to the market but it has very high customer demands. Quartz is the most durable of all the stone countertops, made with 93% quartz and 7% polymers. This makes the final product scratch proof, maintenance free, and completely customizable to meet personal colors and designs.

    Below are some general questions people have about quartz:

    What is Quartz?

    Quartz can be found in earth's crust as a naturally occurring mineral. Rarely any other mineral can surpass its strength, and its durability only falls behind diamond.

    What is a Quartz surface made of?

    Quartz surfaces consists of 93% natural stone quartz minerals, and it is considered to be a natural stone product. The remaining 7% is made up of resins that bond the quartz minerals together, to give it its durability, and pigments, which formulate the colors.

    Does Quartz surfaces stain?

    Quartz surfaces are extremely resistant to stains and do not need to be sealed. That means they are completely maintenance free, and you will be able to enjoy them without any worries.

    How strong are Quartz surfaces?

    Quartz surfaces make the most durable surfaces on the market today. The high percentage of quartz content makes it very strong and resistant to chip, scratch, or crack. It is two times less likely to do so than any other stone surfaces.

    Are Quartz surfaces food-safe?

    Quartz surfaces are the only natural stone products with certified use in commercial kitchens. It is non-porous, meaning bacteria cannot penetrate the surface. It is safe and easy to prepare food on and only requires a simple wiping when you are done.

    Can I set hot pot on my Quartz surfaces?

    Yes. You can place hot pots and pans on your quartz countertops as long as they are within normal stove temperatures. It is recommended that you do not scrape pots and pans across your counters.  

    Can Quartz surfaces chip and if so, can they be repaired?

    Quartz surfaces will not chip very easily. Only severe abuse may damage your surface, such as dropping a hammer or cast iron pan on it. If the surface is chipped, we will be able to fix it using specialized equipment and try our best to make the repair as unnoticeable as possible.

    Can Quartz crack?

    Quartz is most susceptible to cracking during shipping and installation. Under proper installation and normal use, quartz not be damaged in any way.

    Can Quartz be used for surfaces other than countertops?

    Quartz surfaces has many varieties of thickness, ranging from 1-3 cm. It is very versatile and can be used for shower and bath walls, shower pans, fireplace surroundings and mantels, desktops, and many other wall applications.





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